• Education System:

    High School Program (Aged 15yearsold up)

    High School Age Requirement Teachers
    Grade 10 15-16 years old 1 homeroom teacher + subject teachers
    Grade 11 16-17 years old 1 homeroom teacher + subject teachers
    Grade 12 17-18 years old 1 homeroom teacher + subject teachers
  • Enrollments

    The enrollment process consists of three simple steps:

    1. Placement Test and Interview

      Student has to participate in placement test. Once he/she pass the placement test will go through the interview process. In interview, the school principal or the teacher meet with the parents; the main purpose is to gain an understanding of parents’ expectation for their child and the two can come to an agreement regarding the most appropriate grade for their child.

      The principal, or an assigned staff member, will explain the admission policy, tuition fees, and the regulations pertaining to school hours, uniform regulation, parental responsibilities, etc. At the end of the interview, parents will be asked to sign an Enrollment Agreement.

    2. Registration

      Once the parents agree to enroll their child in The School for Future Leaders, they can register their child with the receptionist. Parents may fill the registration form at their own convenience at home or with the assistance of the receptionists. The registration form is available in both Khmer and English. The registration form is rather lengthy and it may appear complicated. The school will assist in any means possible to help in this endeavor. In order to complete the student registration, parents must bring:

      • Student’s Birth Certificate
      • Two copies of Students photographs (4 x 3 cm)
      • Student’s previous academic records (report cards or equivalent)
      • Parents Identity card or Passport
    3. Admission

      Parents can pay tuition fees on a term, semester and a yearly basis.

  • School Fee

    Kindly, Contact to School about fee and other information.

  • Academic Calendar
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